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The Good Business Lab is an independent, non-profit labor innovation lab. We use rigorous academic research to prove that worker wellbeing programs have business impacts. We develop market-ready, scalable interventions capable of providing dual benefits to workers and businesses. Our goal is to disrupt the traditional notion of business and show that worker wellbeing can be a part of core business strategy, or in other words, a good business practice.


The founders of the lab are Ach Adhvaryu - assistant professor of business economics and public policy at the University of Michigan (, Anant Ahuja – head of Organization Development at Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd. and Anant Nyshadham – also assistant professor assistant professor of business economics and public policy at the University of Michigan (


We've been incubated at Shahi Exports - India's biggest apparel export house, and have conducted several studies in their sixty plus factories in the past six years. In one study we found that the net return to the firm from training women workers in life skills (such as financial literacy, communication, and problem solving) is 250%, 8 months after program completion. This program called P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement), co-created by Gap Inc., Shahi, ICRW, and Swasthi has been scaled at a global level to reach over 45,000 female garment workers in 12 countries. Some of our other partners include, the Harvard Business School, University of Pennsylvania, the United Nations Development Program, and Humanity United.


Going forward, projects include looking at the migration experience and mental health of workers and how this is affected by pairing them with experienced workers from their region (through a novel ‘buddy system’), how volunteering helps develop soft skills that affect employment outcomes among college students, unlocking female labor through rural training centers, and how an effective grievance redressal system for workers affects their job outcomes. To ensure the smooth implementation of all projects, we are looking for a Research Consultant , details of which are given below-


Location- Bangalore

Length of commitment- at least one year


Remuneration: Rs 40-45,000/ month


Start Date- ASAP, applications being accepted on a rolling basis



Who are you?

  Ideally you have-

  • A Bachelor's degree in Economics, Social Sciences or any other related field
  • Excellent analytical and critical-thinking skills
  • Minimum experience for atleast a year
  • Interest in research work and detail-oriented work

What will you do?


The Research Coordinator/Consultant will work with Research Managers and Associates on the following tasks:


  • Assisting in designing questionnaires, digitizing survey instruments, piloting them, suggesting necessary modifications, and getting the translations in place
  • Conducting orientation workshops for the surveyors, onboarding them into the project, and providing logistical support
  • Training the surveyors on different surveys, monitoring them, and providing them feedback
  • Planning and managing data collection and ensuring data quality and surveyor productivity
  • Planning day-to-day work for the surveyors, getting appointments, speaking to partners to get prior permission to use their premises, making arrangements for the travel and other logistics, securing required equipment and materials, ensuring that survey equipment are functional
  • Creating monitoring instruments to ensure survey data quality
  • Defining survey protocols based on field observations and discussions with the team
  • Designing and maintaining field tracking sheets for surveys
  • Monitoring the implementation team with the surveys, debriefing the surveyors based on the observations obtained
  • Coordinating with finance team on a variety of tasks related to field staff contracting and payment


What will be your benefits?


  • No fixed number of leaves.

  • Autonomy and flexible working culture (work from home, flexible hours, and occasional remote work.)

  • Opportunity to work with smart people who want to make an impact.

  • Personal development: we support the development of our team through mentorship and regular access to external training programs.


What should you be comfortable with?


  • A dynamic environment with competing priorities.

  • Working in a team with shared responsibilities.

  • Independently coordinating with coworkers to accomplish goals.

  • Being resourceful in new environments and scenarios.


GBL is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, physical disability, or length of time spent unemployed. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We offer traditional monetary workplace benefits such as insurance and travel allowance.


We also offer several other non-monetary workplace benefits like flexible work hours, the ability to work remotely, and no rigid limit on annual paid leave. We are a young and growing start up making us the ideal ground for team members to experiment, take on dynamic roles, and grow with us. We focus on happiness, output and quality of work.

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