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Department Marketing
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

About us:

Good Business Lab is an independent, non-profit labor innovation company. We use rigorous academic research to prove that worker wellbeing programs have business impacts. We develop market-ready, scalable products capable of providing dual benefits to workers and businesses. Our goal is to disrupt the traditional notion of business and show that worker wellbeing can be a part of core business strategy, or in other words, a good business practice.

The founders of the lab are Ach Adhvaryu - assistant professor of business economics and public policy at the University of Michigan (, Anant Ahuja – head of Organization Development at Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd. and Anant Nyshadham – also an assistant professor of business economics and public policy at the University of Michigan (

We've been incubated at Shahi Exports - India's biggest apparel export house, and have conducted several studies in their sixty-plus factories in the past six years. In one study we found that the net return to the firm from training women workers in life skills (such as financial literacy, communication, and problem-solving) is 250%, 8 months after program completion. This program, called P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement), co-created by Gap Inc., Shahi, ICRW, and Swasthi has been scaled at a global level to reach over 45,000 female garment workers in 12 countries. Some of our other partners include the Harvard Business School, University of Pennsylvania, and Humanity United.

Going forward, projects include looking at the migration experience and mental health of workers and how this is affected by pairing them with experienced workers from their region (through a novel ‘buddy system’), unlocking female labor through rural training centers, and how an effective grievance redressal system for workers affects their job outcomes. 

Key Responsibilities

Brand maintenance and enforcement

  • Mentor and train team members on communications practices, organization style, and branding
  • Strengthen the organization’s brand identity and enforce agreed upon guidelines to ensure consistency across initiatives, productions, and channels
  • Establish, maintain and improve the organization’s brand and standing amongst key stakeholder groups (internal and external) by engaging regularly with them

Campaign ideation and project management

  • Identify organizational needs, design OKRs (based on team bandwidth, and past performance), and outline an approach to address them
  • Lead, monitor, and drive progress on the OKRs and responsibly communicate project risks, issues and challenges
  • Lead the development and implementation of the organization’s external marketing and communication strategies, including e-newsletters, press releases, website content, media/public relations, and general communications
  • End-to-end oversight of communications campaigns, projects and deliverables, including writing and editing content, overseeing design and print production, acquiring stakeholder approvals as needed (executive, financial, human resources, outside funders, etc.), and distribution. (Eg: Podcast)
  • Manage time bound projects and resources, including external consultants and interns
  • Strategize for marketing campaigns with little oversight
  • Demonstrate a sound sense of judgment to be able to make decisions independently

Business development and partnerships

  • Conduct background research on organizations we can partner with for marketing and strategic purposes; leading conversations and servicing partnerships
  • Conduct research on communications strategies for new geographies the organization is expanding to

Internal collaboration

  • Set up structures to monitor project documentation in collaboration with the Research and Field teams
  • Support employee-focused internal communications in collaboration with People Operations
  • Establish and manage the quality control and review process for organizational documents and materials developed for public consumption
  • Develop and lead internal capacity-building exercises

Supportive work

  • Help identify, develop and maintain key communication channels, adapting and improving them in line with external trends and business needs

Length of Commitment: Minimum of 12 months

Location: Remote (WFH flexibility)

Remuneration: 9-13 lacs p.a. 

Start Date: June-July 2022

What should you be comfortable with?

  • A dynamic environment with competing priorities.
  • Working in a team with shared responsibilities.
  • Independently coordinating with coworkers to accomplish goals.
  • Being resourceful in new environments and scenarios.
  • Problem-solving in high-pressure environments.

How to apply?

Please make sure to include in your cover letter: a concise explanation of why you want to be part of the GBL Team, how your skills can support us in this role, and how this position can support you in achieving your career goals. 

Why work with us?

As a member of the Marketings team, you will be a part of a small team of smart, purpose-driven, and motivated people, which will give you a chance to try new things, take initiative, make mistakes, and grow. Be prepared to try and work on multiple things at a time. Each employee at GBL, if willing, gets to work across verticals and different aspects of the organization.

Perks of working with us:
There are plenty of benefits at GBL, here are some examples:

  • Flexible leave policy: Time away from work can be extremely helpful for maintaining a healthy work/life balance. GBL encourages managers and leadership to set the example by taking time off when needed and ensuring their team members do the same. We don't have a strict limit on paid leaves, only suggested ( extremely liberal) averages. 
  • Flexible working hours: We recognize that a better work-life balance can improve employee motivation, performance, productivity, and reduce stress. The basis of our norms pertaining to this is a system of trust in each other and our common goals.
  • Training and Development: GBL team members can set aside 10% of their work time / around 4 hours a week to improve their skills/knowledge on a subject that they think will help them perform their job better. There is a separate budget set out for this. We encourage all employees to focus both on technical and soft skills. We also facilitate employee mentorship programs.
  • GBL Care Systems: As an organization, we are committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our team members and creating a thriving work environment- because that gives us, together, the best chance at achieving our shared mission and sparking joy at work. We do this by partnering with organizations such The Mindclan, Therapize among others for workshops and other wellbeing-related initiatives. 
  • Growth-oriented review policy: To foster collaboration, we have adopted regular reviews and check-ins among team members. We see a manager's role beyond what is expected from them by conventional management thinkers. Apart from delivering high-quality work, managers are responsible for the holistic development of their team members. This can be achieved through practices inspired by coaching philosophy.

Additional benefits:

  • Wellbeing budget: This includes an individual budget for each team member that they can claim reimbursement for things such as therapy, any physical-health related activity and home office setup. Additionally, there's a separate budget for Managers for care packages or any other team activities. There's also a budget for our People Operations team to organize team-wide activities or provide mental health services in collaboration with organizations like Therapize and Mindclan.
  • Informal virtual and in-person hangs and activities!

Recent projects and blog posts:

To acclimatize yourself with some of our work, you can read our blog posts on Medium, and also go through our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The process:

We are glad you’re interested in applying for this role!

After each step, we decide whether to invite you to the next one. Our interview process for this role has the following steps:

  1. CV and cover letter screening 
  2. First Round Interview
  3. Take home assignment
  4. Second Round Interview
  5. Final Round Interview

Our commitment to diversity

GBL is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, physical disability, or length of time spent unemployed. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We offer traditional monetary workplace benefits such as insurance and travel allowance. We are a young and growing company making us the ideal ground for team members to experiment, take on dynamic roles, and grow with us. We focus on happiness, output, and quality of work.

Note: By clicking on the 'apply for this job' button, you confirm that you understand and accept GBL’s Privacy Policy. You also understand that GBL has zero-tolerance against sexual harassment/ exploitation /abuse/misconduct ("SEA"). You confirm and declare that you have never been convicted by any court of law and/or you have never been subjected to any sanctions or inquiry or proceedings (be it disciplinary, administrative, civil, or criminal) arising from an investigation in relation to sexual harassment/abuse/misconduct or left employment pending investigation and refused to cooperate in such an investigation

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